Friday, August 8, 2008

Canada Trip

We're home now from a great trip to Canada. Pam and the kids flew up a few days before I did. I was stuck back at home working which is never as fun as vacation. :) We try to make it up to Calgary at least twice per year and have been about that for the past few years. The highlight, of course, was visiting with family and watching the kids enjoy playing with cousins. There was a lot of swimming to be had, too.

Josh having fun with cousins on their water slide

Another highlight of our Canada excursions is a trip up to Banff National Park. We love to hike and enjoy being out in God's country. The mountains are majestic and there are lots of lakes to see and throw rocks into. Joshua was keen to find plenty of sticks along the trails. We spent one night in Banff, too.

In the village of Banff there is a candy shop that we never miss either. I'm not much of a candy or sweets person - but as you can see from Megan - most in the family are.

The Bow river runs through Calgary and Banff. We took an afternoon to have fun on the river with a canoe and paddle boat. Blake did some great rowing, the girls not so much. There were a lot of ducks out and about. Abby and Meg loved the little babies.

We all arrived home safely early this week. Pam and kids a day after me - again that work thing. The kids did well (I hear) on the return flight sitting two and two across a row with Pam behind. This week we've been able to enjoy more cousin time with both Aimee and Melissa in town.