Sunday, May 4, 2008

Moraga Treeline Triathlon

Pam completed her first triathlon this last week and did awesome. She placed 9th in her age group and the 14th overall woman (114 total women) with a time of 1:26:26. This was a sprint tri with a 400m swim, 14 mile bike and 5k run. No timing chips for the event so as best we can tell she did:

Swim: 9 minutes
T1: 2.5 minutes
Bike: 47 minutes
T2: 2 minutes
Run: 26 minutes

Highlights were the bike ride where she put in a great time and passed a number of people. Lowlights were taking a caffeine tablet just before the swim and not feeling like she could get any air.

I also participated in the tri but as a relay team. We were the 2nd in, but first relay team, so won that event in 1:09:27. We had Tennyson May swim, Andy Sorenson bike and I ran. Also, as best we can recreate:

Swim: 6min 10 sec.
T1: 1 minute (there was 200m or so from the pool to the transition area)
Bike: 39 minutes
T2: 10 sec.
Run: 23 min 10 sec.

Highlights were winning the relay :) Lowlights were my being directed the wrong way on the run. I knew the route but believed the volunteer on the course telling me to take a left turn. It ended up adding about 0.2 miles but was a HUGE hill with a "bonus" 190 ft of elevation gain. My garmin had me at:

Mile 1: 6:49 (180 AHR) with 214 ft up and 48 ft down
Mile 2: 7:45 (182 AHR) with 246 ft up and 282 ft down - and burned out my legs
Mile 3: 6:43 (184 AHR) with 90 ft up and 207 ft down
Mile 0.3: 6:30 pace (188 AHR) with 22 ft up and 28 down.

In all, a super fun and successful event. We're already planning to do it again this next year. I had planned to do the whole tri myself next year. But, after our victory, might be forced to defend the title. :)


Laura said...

Hopefully we can get Jonathan to join you next year.

Chris S. said...

It really was a fun time. Kind of nice to have a small, local event.