Thursday, June 26, 2008

Rock Walls

With the house down and junipers out, we're delighted with our new rock walls. We decided to go with a lighter stone which has turned out very nicely. It looks like it was just hewn out of the quarry and dropped off in our front yard.

As a side note, Orinda just isn't the same town as I grew up in. A new group of teens has surfaced and I've recently dubbed them the PP gang. I haven't decided if I like the "Porta-Potty" or "Potty-Pushing" name better, though. For three weekends in a row, our porta-potty was tipped over by this nefarious group. We seem to have outsmarted them for the moment, however, with a few stakes holding it down.


Laura said...

Looking good! So will your house go all the way to the first rock wall and your lawn will be on the second tier?

Aimee said...

I like the walls - they look so nice and orderly! Can't wait to see it in person.

Heidi said...

OOOOH LA-LA! It looks awesome, P&C! Sorry about the PP Gang... you should set up a camera. I've heard that is what good neighbors do.

Aaron and Emily said...

Ooo, those walls are nice. When do you think the house will be all done?

by the way, we had a fun trip to the ER the other day. So I thought of you. (Ok, maybe not so fun, but I can't remember much of it. You can read our blog for more: