Sunday, July 13, 2008

Family Reunion

The first week of July we spent some time in Oregon at our biannual family reunion. Back in medical school and residency we missed most of these gatherings so it has really been a treat to go the last few times. We all had a great time and no one got sick (which has happened in the past.) Our drive up and back was uneventful and as a bonus we got to stay and visit with Pam's sister Jackie.

Blake reports his favorite part was riding his bike around everywhere. The week before, Blake had gotten a new bike for his birthday (only 6 months late). It was a big step up as he's never had hand brakes only and gears to shift. We did a bit of practice on the sport court before leaving but he really came into his own at the reunion. The first day there he did a somersault down a short bushy hill but was unhurt and I think that gave him a bit of confidence.


Joshua loved playing with sticks and hanging out with cousin Bradley. Meg's favorite part was swimming. Abigail liked everything. One of the days the kids had a treasure hunt and we had to take some pictures.

One afternoon we couldn't find Joshua. We had seen him wandering off but now didn't know where he was. Pam and then I took turns on Blake's bike riding all through the camp but couldn't see him. Finally a cousin happened upon him asleep in their cabin and I had to take a picture. Their cabin was right next to ours so it looked like he got mixed up while trying to find his was back to take a nap.


Laura said...

I think the most classic is the look on Pam's face in your individual family shot. Modeling for the kids how they should smile, only they can't see her.

Chris S. said...

I don't think Pam was really excited about that one but I liked it.