Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Saint George Marathon

We arrived in Saint George on Thursday full of optimism and energy. We left Saint George Saturday damp and sore. There for the big day with me were Pam, Jonathan Tanner, Heather Callister and other more extended family members. The weather was far from ideal for running with a stiff headwind and rain throughout. In the days leading up to the run I was actually encouraged by the weather reports calling for cool weather and 10-15 mph South winds. Since the marathon course runs generally southward, I thought that meant the winds would be pushing us along. It was a sad moment when I learned from a friend that wind conventions tell you FROM which direction the wind is blowing, not to. Needless to say, it was a challenging day for more reasons than just the 26.2 miles to be covered.

I was running my third marathon and Pam had finally relented and was joining me for her first. She had told me that she'd never be able to run that far. My mantra, though, is that it's not any harder to run 26.2 miles than to run, say 5, but just takes longer. She continues to disagree with my line of thinking, but did cover the distance in around four hours. She had to fight through the conditions like everyone did that day but also with a stomach aliment the last 12 miles. Even more important than finishing, though, Pam impressed me with her months of training.

My day started off with a 3 hour 15 minute goal to finish in. I started off well enough, although spent more energy in the first seven miles due to the wind than I would have liked. I spent the next five miles running up the hills at just under a 3:20 finish time pace. At mile 12 I decided to carpe diem and accelerated to get down to my 3:15 goal. The winds were too strong for me that day though and I could feel myself slowing my mile 18. By mile 23, people were passing me in droves and it was all I could do to hold on to the finish line. My hubris in the early and middle miles ended up braking me by the end. I finished in 3:26:36.

My Garmin:
Mile 1: 8:21 (Avg Heart Rate 153)
Mile 2: 8:01 (167)
Mile 3: 7:21 (167)
Mile 4: 7:18 (166)
Mile 5: 7:19 (168)
Mile 6: 7:02 (166)
Mile 7: 7:09 (169)
Mile 8: 8:25 (170)
Mile 9: 8:05 (170)
Mile 10: 7:47 (168)
Mile 11: 7:54 (171)
Mile 12: 7:34 (168)
Mile 13: 7:23 (166)
Mile 14: 7:33 (166)
Mile 15: 7:10 (162)
Mile 16: 7:04 (163)
Mile 17: 7:30 (162)
Mile 18: 7:45 (157)
Mile 19: 8:10 (159)
Mile 20: 7:37 (159)
Mile 21: 7:37 (152)
Mile 22: 7:59 (156)
Mile 23: 8:20 (151)
Mile 24: 8:34 (140)
Mile 25: 9:30 (143)
Mile 26: 10:12 (125)
Mile 0.2: 9:04 pace (143)

Even though it wasn't the day that Pam or I had dreamed of, I'm thankful for the opportunity to have the experience. Our health has been excellent and thanks also to my parents who watched the kids while we had our little fun.


jwt said...

It helps to start out with such a lofty goal, then you still end up with a great time even though you didn't meet your highest goal - Congrats to you both!

Disco's Parents said...

We're proud of you both for the training, time and effort that went in to achieving such a worthy goal. Your hard work paid off. Congrats!

Aimee said...

The times on those last 2 miles don't make them look very fun. But good job to both of you on completing the marathon!

Aaron and Emily said...

Good job, Pam! I don't think Aaron could convince me to run that far.