Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Sledding Fun

Pam and I have questioned if this would be the year we take all of the kids skiing. Instead, we took a one day trip up sledding. Pam's sister, Jackie, was a good sport and went up with us. I wasn't exactly sure where to sled but thought we'd strike out up Highway 50. About 15 minutes outside of Placerville, we came upon a gas station with about 200 sledders on the hillside and we joined the revelry.

The only incident (and every sledding trip has at least one) was Blake getting struck by a "human missle" from behind while retrieving his sled. Thankfully, no injuries.

Joshua refused his coat

Angel Meg


Aaron and Emily said...

At least if there were any injuries, you'd know what to do. If I were to go sledding with any other family (or any other accident prone activity), I would probably want to go with you.

Laura said...

Does Josh think he's Canadian or something?