Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Racing Weekend

After Pam's big week, the rest of the family, sans Josh, got in some exercise as well this weekend. With a little encouragement from grandma - who organized the first time NorCal Kids Triathlon- Blake, Abby and Megan participated in their first triathlon. Megan swam while Abby biked as part of a team with their friend Emma. Blake, although hesitant at first, had a great time doing all three events. Pam was there in great 5 day post-partum form to help assist. The kids all enjoyed themselves and it was definitely a big success.

Really steep hill

Abby headed for for the finish

I missed the event while up in Folsom running a marathon along the American river. Pam had encouraged me to get one more marathon in this year - hoping to earn us a trip to Boston in the Spring. While a Boston qualifying time was not quite there (missed by 3 minutes), I had a great race posting a new personal best of 3 hours and 18 minutes and finishing 8th overall. I was lucky enough to have a friend meet me and run me in the last 6 miles and, finally, keeping up a steady pace with my slowest mile only about 35 seconds slower than my fastest. It was a max effort kind of day so if that's the fastest marathon I ever run, I'm pleased.

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Laura said...

Great job to all. So did Blake do a triathlon before you, Chris?