Sunday, July 4, 2010

Family reunion time

We just enjoyed our bi-annual family reunion near Mount Hood in Oregon. The theme was generations and all four present had the spotlight on them. The weather was cool but nice. A few less people were able to make it this year but was fun even so. A few highlights were zip line, soccer, and game show night. Charlotte put together a compilation video which was also super and a great walk through the years since Grandma and Grandpa were kids. Of course, the best part is chatting and catching up with everyone.

Kate with cousins Grace and Brooke

Our happy baby Kate

The week before our reunion was Blake's first scout camp. No photos of him there but here he is trying out his pack before leaving. He had a great camp and reported enjoying the merit badges and getting to know some of the older boys.


Laura said...

Nice family shot. Is Megan really that much taller than Abby or is she standing on something?

Allen Family said...

So fun to watch what your family is up to! I just connected with Jeanina on facebook and she asked if I had contact with you so I thought I should pass on the thoughts of you. Though I may not comment all the time, I do enjoy reading about you and your beautiful family!

Kellyn said...

Wow Blake looks so old and ready to hike!